Demeter organised a workshop dedicated to women as a performance and value driver to raise awareness among its employees

Demeter has been committed to integrate Environment, Social and Governance as key levers for value creation. Within Social concerns, the promotion of diversity is a key criteria to create value.

As part of our commitments, we have chosen to focus in the first step on improving gender diversity. We hold a “Women, creators of performance and value” workshop with all our teams, to promote women in our investment teams and investments in companies founded by women.

On this occasion, Agnès Bricard, President of the Federation of Women Board Members, and Yann Mauchamp, Founder of Mutual Benefits, were invited to share their experience and advices.

The agenda was dedicated to pointing out the lack of women as directors, investors and entrepreneurs, the value created by mixed teams, the obstacles encountered by women and the initiatives to drive change.