DEMETERDemeter is a major player in venture capital and private equity for the energy and ecological transition. We invest from 500 K€ to 30 M€ to support companies at all stages of their development: innovative startups, high growth SMEs and infrastructure projects.







COMMITMENTDemeter is a responsible and committed investor. Therefore, we signed many initiatives such as PRI (Principle for Responsible Investment), CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), iC20, The Shift Project, etc.

NEWSWe are happy to share the latest information about Demeter and the companies we support

11, December 2018
The Floatgen project, the first offshore wind turbine in France connected to the grid since September 18th 2018, has just been designated "Star of Europe" by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This distinction comes in a context where all manufacturers are waiting for clarification from the government on the calendar of bid…

11, December 2018
Eric Marty and Olivier Bordelanne also had a major role in organising the event. Entrepreneurs on stage but also in the room to discuss the transformation of real estate and building. It is at the same time a considerable economic weight, close to 20% of the GDP and environmental even higher (between 25% and 45%…

10, December 2018
From 11 to 12 December 2018, Riadh Shaiek and Jean-Philippe Gendre will be representing Demeter at the FIRA in Toulouse. FIRA is the International Forum for Agricultural Robotics, an event that brings together the different actors in agriculture in order to debate and exchange about the future of agriculture with the aim of possible collaborations.…