Thursday 28 March 2019 – Demeter (via the Fonds de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports – FMET), Renault Group, The Mobility House and Banque des Territoires have created a joint project company dedicated to stationary storage using batteries from electric vehicles. This project aims at building the largest stationary electricity storage system using electric vehicle batteries;

Today, Demeter on behalf of the Fonds de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports (FMET) and Izivia (EDF subsidiary dedicated to electric mobility) have set-up a joint venture to deploy more than 600 public charge points for electric vehicles in Lyon Metropolis by 2020. This joint venture is the result of a call for private initiative launched

The fund Fonds de Modernisation Ecologique des Transports (FMET) managed by Demeter is one of the financial partners alongside Renault for the “Advanced Battery Storage” project, the largest stationary storage system for energy from EV batteries in Europe. For further information please follow the link: https://media.group.renault.com/global/fr-fr/groupe-renault/media/pressreleases/21216357/le-groupe-renault-lance-advanced-battery-storage-le-plus-grand-dispositif-de-stockage-stationnaire-d?utm_campaign=rss_press%20releases%20and%20press%20kits&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=media.renault.com