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Sophie Paturle-Guesnerot represented Demeter at the unveiling of the Yris Concept (Technology showcase of the smart house with positive energy), launched by Maisons France Confort Group with 15 industrial partners, among them: Invicta, European leader in wood heating (Demeter is one of the shareholders). This unprecedented and very innovative project, the Yris Concept, enjoyed great

Sophie Paturle Guesnerot partipates in a TV set organised for the 15th Anniversary of Actu-Environnement, and addressing the topic: “Politics, business, media: has the environment made its way?” The round table gathers David Ascher, director of publications for Actu-Environnement, Corinne Lepage (former Minister for Environment), Isabelle Veyrat-Masson, Sophie Paturle-Guesnerot. To watch the TV show, please

Sophie Paturle Guesnerot and Eric Vincent spoke yesterday 29 August at e5t University in La Rochelle to present the role played by private equity in financing ecological and environmental transition. Founded by Myriam Maestroni, e5t Foundation is now one of the leading think tanks specializing in the issues of climate change and ecological transition. This