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Renewed success for the second edition of the Energy4SmartMobility Forum held in Marseilles on March 14 and 15, Demeter being one of the sponsors, that brought together nearly 350 participants. Demeter was well represented: Philippe Detours (General Partner) spoke during the plenary session on the deployment of charging infrastructure. Benjamin Wainstain (General Partner) was a

The Climate Committee of France Invest (former Cleantech Club AFIC), chaired by Sophie Paturle-Guesnerot gathered together on 20 February to take stock of the year 2018 and discuss the outlook for 2019. The programme of the evening was focused on figures and trends of companies in the sector of ecological transition accompanied by Private Equity

Eric Marty and Olivier Bordelanne also had a major role in organising the event. Entrepreneurs on stage but also in the room to discuss the transformation of real estate and building. It is at the same time a considerable economic weight, close to 20% of the GDP and environmental even higher (between 25% and 45%