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Demeter attended the release of the book by Gonzague Dejouany “Le Syndic”, a crazy story of Europeans, Thursday, June 20 in Paris. Many friends and convinced Europeans attended the event where Franco-German relationships were in the spotlight. Close ties between the author and Demeter, established in Berlin while running an energy company and developed on

Sophie Paturle-Guesnerot acting for Demeter, attended the conference “Financing the transition for a low-carbon society” that was held at Jussieu on 4 June 2018 as part of the 15th International Weather & Climate Forum. This conference brought together scientists, experts in climate finance, company and local authorities representatives. Sophie Paturle-Guesnerot was a speaker at the

Fonds professionnel de capital investissement – Demeter

France Invest Commission Climat (formerly Club Cleantech AFIC), chaired by Sophie Paturle Guesnerot and where Demeter is strongly involved, gathered on 5th February over 100 people at the evening event taking place at EY: Cleantech 2017 overview and 2018 prospects / EY-France Invest Climat Prize Award. There were lots of exchange and information sharing, experience