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Large success with the evening “2025: 100% recycled plastics?” launched by Sophie Paturle-Guesnerot, who chairs the Climate Commission of France Invest. This evening brought together 80 participants, financials, industrials, entrepreneurs and public authorities. Keynote speaker, Chris McNally, Partner at Mckinsey, remarkably explained the prospects and issues of plastic recycling. The contribution of the experience and

The Climate Committee of France Invest (former Cleantech Club AFIC), chaired by Sophie Paturle-Guesnerot gathered together on 20 February to take stock of the year 2018 and discuss the outlook for 2019. The programme of the evening was focused on figures and trends of companies in the sector of ecological transition accompanied by Private Equity

France Invest Commission Climat (formerly Club Cleantech AFIC), chaired by Sophie Paturle Guesnerot and where Demeter is strongly involved, gathered on 5th February over 100 people at the evening event taking place at EY: Cleantech 2017 overview and 2018 prospects /  EY-France Invest Climat Prize Award. There were lots of exchange and information sharing, experience