Tag: Circular economy

French Greentech company Hesus has acquired Fleaty, a leading innovator that digitizes and optimizes mass handling in the construction industry. It’s a major operation on the construction and circular economy market. Hesus is already operating in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and now Sweden. Click here to view Hesus’ press release.

Olivier Usureau, Partner at Demeter’s Spanish offices, has attended the forum on the circular economy organized by the Spanish media Expansión and by Construcia in Madrid. The event was inaugurated by the Mayor of Madrid Town Hall, Mr. José Luis Almeida and the brought together large companies (between others: Amazon, Airbus, Iberostar, Procter & Gamble,

The BRGM, the national geological service, chooses Soltracing, a company created by Hesus, participation of Paris Fonds Vert to guarantee the traceability of soils for a better circular economy. Demeter is delighted with this choice, which will allow all the players of the management of soils from construction sites to have a digital solution that