Eric MARTYManaging Partner

Eric MARTY, is Managing Partner at DEMETER in charge of Venture Capital activities. Eric is one of the pioneers of energy and environmental transition Investment. He joined EMERTEC in 2004 as an investment director for the EMERTEC-Energy- Environment (3E) Fund and has developed over the years an expertise of environment, plant-based chemistry, agriculture and energy sectors.

Since EMERTEC and DEMETER merger, he has been appointed Head of DEMETER’s Venture Capital team and he is now in charge of all DEMETER’s innovation funds. Prior to DEMETER, Eric worked 15+ years in the development and industrialisation of energy and environmental innovative technologies in France and abroad (Brasil). He successively held several positions in the fields of engineering (RHODIA) and clean technologies business development for Oil refining and waste treatment (IFP EN).

Eric has a degree in engineering (Chemical engineering, from Chimie ParisTech).

He is DEMETER’s permanent representative on the Supervisory or Management Boards of ALDERYS, CLARANOR, EVIAGENICS, OLYGOSE and SABELLA and SENCROP.


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