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Sophie Paturle-Guesnerot,  Chairman of the Climate Commission of France Invest, opened the evening with the theme: “Green Hydrogen, an opportunity as soon as 20…20?” This evening gathered 90 participants, financials, industrials, entrepreneurs and public authorities around this topic at the heart of the energy transition. The keynote speaker, Chairman of AFHYPAC, Philippe Boucly presented a

The company, founded in 2012 in Rousset (13), develops and builds refueling stations for their own account and for third parties, and then operates them under the VGas brand. Proviridis’ business accelerates the deployment of NGV mobility; it hence contributes to the progressive decarbonisation of transport and the improvement of air quality by reducing the

After exceeding 2 million users, Foodvisor, the French leader in nutritional coaching apps, has completed a fundraising of $4.5 million with the VC fund Agrinnovation operated by Demeter and some Business Angels. The startup plans to accelerate its growth in the US and to perfect its food recognition technology based on Artificial Intelligence. Foodvisor was