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A new formula for this new edition: after the traditional opening words from Stéphane Villecroze, Sophie Paturle and Lionel Cormier have presented new partnerships formed with Cycle Capital and eCapital, in the presence of their respective leaders, Andrée-Lise Méthot and Willi Mannheims. On stage followed several round tables, led by Patricia Laurent of GreenUnivers, on

2017 was marked by the publication of the French Government’s Climate Action Plan to tackle the challenges of climate change in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol. This affirmation by France as being a major player in climate change mitigation validates and confirms Demeter’s own positioning and is a formal recognition of our commitment to the ecological revolution over the

Yesterday, Demeter organized its workshop Vehicle2Grid at Setec headquarters on the theme: “Are EVs a threat or an opportunity for the grid?” Six speakers from the Armand Peugeot Chaire, RTE, Renault, Envelio, G2 Mobility and NuVve exchanged with a hundred of key players of the grid and EV sector. Throughout the value chain, the speakers