Christophe Desrumaux leads the round table for Demeter on the fund raising in industrial seed capital at the Global Industrie exhibition

This week, Christophe Desrumaux, Partner, led a round table on the raising of funds in industrial seed capital on the stand of the Metropolitan area of Lyon, on the occasion of the Global Industrie exhibition. The cities of Lyon (Florent Chante, Head of Local Development and Proximity) and Saint-Etienne (Christophe Bernard, Director of Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) were able to explain the importance of a financial support system, which is part of their industrial strategy, and the desire of the local authorities to become heavily involved. To address the challenges of long-term, high-risk financing, industrialists must also play their part, both financially and operationally. Grégoire Boehm, territorial director of GRDF South-East, explained the group’s desire to reinvent its businesses, and to do so by immersing themselves in an ecosystem rich in opportunities. The founder and director of the company Wattsense, Louis Vermorel, was finally able to give his feedback on his financing, and to share some tips and points of attention for his colleagues. Thank you all for your participation!