Demeter supports ZE ENERGY in its €4M fund raising to launch the development of its intelligent hybrid power plants (solar electricity and flexible storage) in continental Europe.

In the midst of the Covid19 crisis, Demeter continues to invest in innovative and dynamic players in the energy transition: the D6A fund invests in ZE ENERGY (ZEE) through a €4 million capital increase. Demeter is the leader of this funding alongside the German fund HTGF, the investor EverWatt, a subsidiary of EverGreen, and the holding company Ze Way Invest.

ZEE is an independent producer of renewable energy that offers an innovative solution of hybrid solar power plants combining photovoltaic and storage, monitored by a leading software. The target market is Europe. The fund raising aims at accelerating ZEE’s growth via its development (land acquisition to build the solar hybrid power plants operated by ZEE), acquisitions of projects with grid connection constraints and strategic partnerships for a storage as a service offer (Saas).

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