eLichens deploys its indoor and outdoor air quality analysis stations in partnership with Daikin.

Thanks to Daikin’s network, eLichens has been able to successfully test and deploy its brand new indoor air quality measurement module in more than 30,000 square meters of space. ” Because eLichens wanted to collaborate with the leader in each market, we reached out to collaborate with Daikin” (Wahid Issa, CEO eLichens). The objective of our solution is to be able to generate an indoor air quality map in real time, and it is intended to provide the necessary data to governments, property managers and all those who are looking to improve the quality of indoor air in a given space.

Beyond this launch, the two companies intend to continue their collaboration. “By working hand in hand with eLichens’ and Daikin’s internal teams, we have created a solid foundation for trying out new solutions” (Tasuku Nango, Daikin Innovation Program Manager). As part of this Daikin/eLichens partnership, another operation has been launched. eLichens has just deployed air quality monitoring and measurement modules in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks to this complete solution (sensors + software platform), the company is able to carry out a real-time mapping of outdoor air quality at street level. Daikin will use this data to help the public respond faster in the event of anomalies and excessive pollution levels.

eLis: Micro Low Power – High Efficiency IAQ Station

For more information, please visit : https://www.dsv.daikin.com/case-study/elichens/