Parkoview unveils its new name, Upciti, at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Upciti, a supplier of precise, localized and real time data for Smart Cities and Smart Retailers, announces a change of name for the company founded in 2017 by Jean-Baptiste POLJAK.This change illustrates its move from sensor manufacturing to smart service supplies. « With Upciti, we want to make advances in urban and retailer management by using the data supplied by our sensors, thereby contributing to making  cities and provincial areas more pleasant to live in, for everybody, on a daily basis. Therefore underlining our ambition to play a key role in this digital world », says Jean-Baptiste POLJAK.

An accurate provider of intelligent services with ultra-localized real-time data
Upciti has developed a unique and adaptable artificial intelligence model centered on actual applications by Smart Cities and Smart Retailers. Parking, flow metering, autonomous vehicle support, public lighting control – this technology natively incorporates respect for the most stringent privacy laws and regulations and the quest for solutions that have a positive impact for citizens.

So far, Upciti has over a hundred customers – local authorities and shopping centers in France, (Soissons, Orléans, Auchan, Carrefour, etc.) and internationally (Luxembourg, Monaco, Belgium, Middle East, etc.). The last fund raising exercise with Demeter in July 2019 for €1.8M will enable Upciti to work on accelerating the ever more advanced performance of its sensors in order to deliver more qualitative data and strengthen its sales, technical and deployment teams.

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