Foodvisor, the French nutrition app leader, raises $4.5 million to revolutionize the nutrition market in the US

After exceeding 2 million users, Foodvisor, the French leader in nutritional coaching apps, has completed a fundraising of $4.5 million with the VC fund Agrinnovation operated by Demeter and some Business Angels. The startup plans to accelerate its growth in the US and to perfect its food recognition technology based on Artificial Intelligence.

Foodvisor was launched in 2018 in France with the mission of helping people know how to eat smart so they can live healthier and better lives. It is the most advanced A.I-powered food diary, providing automatic photo recognition and personalized coaching in a fun and playful way. The app is based on Deep Learning algorithms which are able to identify more than 1200 different food items, estimate serving sizes and provide a detailed report on their nutritional content.

The startup now employs 15 people. Foodvisor app launched in the US in September 2019 and has already 20% of its users coming from the US.

With this fundraising of $4.5 Million round of financing led by the DEMETER Agrinnovation fund and supplemented by Business Angels, Foodvisor will be able to advance on its 3 major challenges: keep improving the app, create a strong and renowned international brand in the wellness sector, and strengthen its position as a leader in food image recognition algorithms.

More information on the press release: PR Foodvisor