Parkoview, the AI data plateform for smart cities raises €1,8 Million from Demeter

Parkoview raises € 1,8 Millions to deploy in cities its one of a kind embedded image analysis sensor to provide precise data in real time about parking occupancy, traffic, or people attendance in streets.

Founded in 2017 by Jean-Baptiste Poljak, Parkoview is a pioneer in Edge Computing in cities. Until then the deployment of powerful AI algorithms applied to video streams was limited in public areas for obvious reasons of privacy. With its unique sensor and algorithms, Parkoview offers state-of-the-art detection capabilities without recording or transmitting any image or video. All the processing is done locally thanks to its embedded computing capacity that allows large deployments in the heart of cities.

This €1.8 Million funding round led by Demeter, will allow to develop new use cases on current and future sensors network and allow Parkoview to develop its data sales model to cities and third parties. This development will involve strengthening the development, deployment and marketing teams.

More information on the press release : Communiqué – Parkoview