Philippe Detours co-facilitates the task force on Sustainable Mobility from “La Plateforme Verte”

The do-tank “La Plateforme Verte” is launching a new task force dedicated to Sustainable Mobility. This task force is led by Philippe Detours (General Partner at Demeter) and Vincent Rousseau (Sustainable Mobility Project Director at GRTgaz).

The goal of this task force, which meets monthly is to “gather all parties involved in the energy and transport sectors (including local authorities) in order to understand the emergence of this new ecosystem, to appreciate how projects operate and what are the business models…” indicates Sylvie Perrin (partner at De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés and founder of “La Plateforme Verte”).

The do-tank “La Platefome Verte” already gathers 6 other operational task forces: new energy transition projects (self-consumption, digital and energy); buying and selling of electricity; export; agrivoltaics system; energy storage; financial tools.