Demeter at PropTech, when digital meets real estate – Event organised by France Invest Climate Commission, chaired by Sophie Paturle Guesnerot

Eric Marty and Olivier Bordelanne also had a major role in organising the event.

Entrepreneurs on stage but also in the room to discuss the transformation of real estate and building. It is at the same time a considerable economic weight, close to 20% of the GDP and environmental even higher (between 25% and 45% depending on the privileged criteria).

Ecomaterials, digital twins, industrialisation of construction, smart metering, self-consumption, building as a service, building as a community, as many topics addressed by this panel of exception.

Vincent Bryant (CEO of Deepki, portfolio of Demeter), Benjamin Delaux (CEO of Habx), Robin Rivaton (CEO of Real Estech) participated in the round table but also Jonathan Louis of Ademe.