Demeter at the event organised by the Foundation Energies pour le Monde chaired by Jean-Louis Borloo

On September 10, Vanessa Favier-Klak represented Demeter at the evening organized by the Foundation Energies pour le Monde (Energy for the World), on the occasion of the installation of its new Board of Directors chaired by Jean-Louis Borloo. This Foundation, created in 1990 by Alain Liébard, promotes access to electricity in rural areas, mainly in Africa, Madagascar and South-East Asia.

Demeter supported a project “Energy Solidarity Senegal” aimed at electrification for economic, domestic and social users of 8 villages in Ouonck.

Jean-Louis Borloo urged the participants to promote the work of the foundation. “We do not want you to represent your organizations and companies in the Foundation. We ask you to represent the Foundation within your companies”. He recalled that one million men and women have had access to electricity thanks to the Foundation’s action over the last 25 years, but that more than a billion are still deprived of it.

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