New success for the Demeter Entrepreneurs Club on June 26th!

A new formula for this new edition: after the traditional opening words from Stéphane Villecroze, Sophie Paturle and Lionel Cormier have presented new partnerships formed with Cycle Capital and eCapital, in the presence of their respective leaders, Andrée-Lise Méthot and Willi Mannheims.

On stage followed several round tables, led by Patricia Laurent of GreenUnivers, on the “More than Money!” topic, and more specifically on the topics of smart building, mobility and environment, to finish with a focus on the new fund being raised: Agrinnovation.

Alain Dinin, president of Nexity, interviewed by Olivier Dupont, presented the agility required for a large group in order to transform itself in a very competitive and changing market context.

All the guests then met, in a convivial way, at a cocktail party, which allowed to prolong the conversations.